• Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposium
  • Biomechanics Congress, Barcelona, Spain
  • IDEA Personal Training Summit


  • NASA Planetary and Earth Sciences Laboratory, Johnson Space Center
  • US Air Force, Fighter Pilot Resistance Training/Testing for G-force Tolerance, Tyndall AFB
  • Nautilus, Inc.
  • Bowflex, Inc.
  • CYBEX International Inc.


  • Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Workshop
  • Physiotherapist Conference, Derendingen, Switzerland
  • Caribbean Sports Medicine Congress, St. John’s, Antigua
  • Filex, Sydney Australia
  • Fitness Training Conference, Frankenthal, Germany
  • University of Birmingham, England
  • Personal Training Conference, Derendingen, Switzerland
  • EFAA, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
  • Cybex Strength Conference, World Trade Center, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sports Medicine Presentation, Osaka, Japan
  • Malaysian National Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
  • Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, Buckinghamshire, England
  • BodyLife Fitness Convention, Frankfort, Germany
  • Leisure Industry Week, Birmingham, England
  • Fitness Instructor Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Fitness Plus International Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan
  • University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Dept. of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Purdue University
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • NASM, University of Madrid, Spain
  • NASM, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong


  • Host, Bowflex Infomercials
  • Host, Ab Trainer Infomercial
  • Host, Naturally Fit, syndicated fitness magazine show
  • ESPN2, Gotta Sweat with Cory Everson, “You Asked it!” segment
  • From the classroom to virtually every living room: Tom was initially utilized by AbTrainer and later Bowflex as a biomechanics, design, and educational consultant. Through twists of fate he later became their spokesperson landing him on at least one US cable channel every hour virtually 24 hours a day for 14 years (and if you stayed up late enough you could find him on as many as five channels at once). Both infomercials garnered awards within the direct response advertising industry with AbTrainer making over $100 million and the multiple Bowflex shows collectively driving over $1 billion in sales.
  • The Tom Hour in NYC: By happenstance Tom was on the NYC Times Square Jumbotron TV for a full hour in 1999 when the Bowflex infomercial followed an episode of Naturally Fit on the Madison Square Garden Network.


  • With almost 2 million Bowflexes sold since 1996 that include his instructional DVD’s, Tom has DVD’s in more homes than P90X.
  • Produced in 1995, Tom’s first Trainer Video Series was purchased by thousands of exercise industry professionals including trainers, universities, corporate facilities, government facilities, major clinics, and certifying organizations.


  • Named one of the “Top 55 Personal Trainers in the Country” as well as “...the personal training guru who changed resistance training…” by Vogue Magazine
  • NPC Oklahoma Bodybuilding Champion – Overall, 1985
  • Has owned and operated Oklahoma’s oldest and only nationally acclaimed personal training facility, Focus On Fitness® since 1987


  • Continuum Training® – A full spectrum exercise thought process for Client-Defined™ Exercise Assessment, Execution, Progression & Delivery from dysfunction to optimal internal performance and ultimately, to wise external performance
  • Foot Rocker™ – Progressive Foot and Ankle Strengthening Device 2012
  • Commercial Strength Machine Resistance Profile Modification Procedures and Devices 2002
  • CorePAD® – Progressive Abdominal Device® 1998
  • Crunch Training Wheels – Beginner/Rehab Integrated Crunch Cervical Support 1996
  • Combo Board – Progressive Fulcrum Balance Board 1991
  • First US manufacturer of Stability Ball (with Hedstrom Inc.) 1991


  • “Bringing Closure to Closed Chains: A Decade-long Multi-disciplinary Examination and Exposé of Engineering Misapplied to Exercise and Misrepresented by the Pseudo-Experts” 2005
  • Suspension Strength Training Sciences, Procedures, & Progressions 1998
  • Joint Forces : From Scare Tactics to Reality – An objective examination and analysis of joint forces in specific exercises recognizing that “shear” when excessive can be dangerous (and with exercise this is far more likely to occur in the shoulder more than the knee) but the reality is that there is no human motion without the force called shear!


  • Built two houses and completely remodeled two others
  • Designed and built the equipment for the original Gold’s Gym in Oklahoma City in 1983
  • Owns and operates a three building office park